I’m Dr. Brian Keen and I have the privilege of being the President of the Association of Certified General Ethicists (CGE). 

You have an opportunity to become a professional with a fantastic future.  It is challenging to become a CGE.  You will grow as you learn how to cope with challenges.  You will learn how to diagnose challenges and “cure” them.

Our Association’s standards are high.  You must earn your Doctor of Applied Ethics (DAE) degree from an accredited tertiary-level educational institution.

You should fill out the Application for Membership 

or the Associate Membership Application

If you are presently working in ethics it is important for you to fill out the Application for Membership in order to be assessed by a CGE mentor.

For further details refer to the Designation page.  

Looking forward to working with you in our commitment to the TRUTH!!!

Brian Keen, CGE, KAM, DTS


Note to Rover Scouts

Rover Scouts are given preference due to my understanding of Rover training.  I was and consider myself to be a Service Rover.  Contact me directly to determine where you can start in our Association.  Much of CGE training is based upon Rover Scouting as envisioned by B.-P.  There is no such thing as a former Rover.

You can contact me directly at either:

President at cgeassociation dot org
Dr.B.Keen at ethicsinstitute dot ca