Make a difference - become an Ethicist.

association of certified general ethicists

Have you ever considered a career as an ethicist?  If so, you need to read the information below.



Dr. Brian Keen is the organizer of the Toronto Roundtable.  His qualifications to organize this Roundtable are:

  • received the knighthood Investiture at 3rd Cliffcrest Rover Crew in Toronto;

  • earned the Crew Wood Badge (along with Service Team);

  • received his Long Service medal with Scouts Canada;

  • become a Knight of the Archangel Michael (KAM) in recognition for his work;

  • become a founding member of the Association of Certified General Ethicists (CGE);

  • written a 3 part series on Applied Business Ethics, available worldwide.


What does the Toronto Roundtable do?

Applied Business Ethics, Volume 3 is about Roundtables and why there is a difference between round tables and Roundtables.  Knights learn at Roundtables.  Ethicists should be knights.

Training can start as young as 16 years old.  The first level is to be received as a Squire.  Two trainers are provided to assist the Squire in practical training.  One of the most important aspects you will learn is how and why there are Roundtables, as well as other helpful skills.

The Knights Promise is: On my Honour, I promise to do my Best to do my Duty to God and the Queen and to Love the Truth’s Law.

The Truth’s Law is: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.  This is the first and great commandment.  The second is like it, You shall love your neighbour as yourself.

The motto is: Totally Committed to the Truth.

Once a person has completed training, she or he will be eligible to receive Investiture using Lord Baden-Powell’s recommended method.  This is tremendous honour.  You will learn and implement management skills.  The management comes from the Training Roundtable.  You will be trained by an actual CEO, CVO, and other executives and board members.

When you are ready to go to the next level you are well on your way to earning your Doctor of Applied Ethics (DAE) degree with no debt. 

You will join the elite Designation Roundtable.  After you have earned your DAE degree, you will be ready to earn your CGE professional designation from the Association of Certified General Ethicists.

As an ethicist you will have access to the Designation Roundtable to meet with fellow ethicists who will assist in your professional development.  You will continuously learn about the Truth.  You will also know how to love the Truth.

Rover Scouts

There is a natural link between the Roundtable and the Rover program as designed by Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell.  There is no age limit in both of these.  This is why Rovers who have received investiture through the knighthood theme will be accepted to whichever rank they have received – on your honour.

If an entire Rover Crew wishes to join the Toronto Roundtable this will be assessed on whether the Crew has adhered to the knighthood theme.  The Rover Crew will continue to be a part of the worldwide Scout Movement.  The greatest benefit to a Crew is that management skills can be accessed and there will be no age restriction through the Toronto Roundtable.  As the Toronto Roundtable grows there will be ongoing consultations with the various Rover Crews to ensure quality programs and training.

 A Rover Crew may opt to coordinate a new Roundtable.