The Toronto Roundtable is establishing an opportunity for businesses to network based upon the Truth.  Ethical networking is a new opportunity for businesses to be assured of the honesty and integrity of the businesses and stakeholders with whom they interact. 

There is a knighthood opportunity within the Toronto Roundtable.  The “handbook” for understanding Roundtables can be found in


POWERLiving Through Roundtables: Applied Business Ethics, Volume 3

Among the groups that are encouraged to join the Toronto Roundtable are Rovers of any age.  Within the Toronto Roundtable is the opportunity to offer enhanced Squire training, Training for Success (as described in B.-P.’s Rovering to Success), and enhanced Service opportunities.

The Toronto Roundtable is proud to advertise in many diverse publications.  Presently our advertisement can be found on The Shepherd’s Guidewebsite through 2017. 

Every Roundtable is developing into a Chapter of the Association of Certified General Ethicists.   For further news about the Toronto Roundtable and other Roundtables and chapters, return here.

If your enterprise is interested in joining the Toronto Roundtable, feel free to click the link above.  
If your business or enterprise is interested in participating in a Roundtable in your community, click the CGE logo below to find our Association’s Guidelines for Chapters


Send your application to or request further information from:

​             CGE Board of Directors

              c/o The Ethics Institute

              11027 - 105 Guildwood Parkway

              Scarborough, ON   M1E 1P1

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