association of certified general ethicists

The CGE Professional Designation is granted by the Association of Certified General Ethicists.  The term "Profession" derives from the Latin:  "to swear (an oath)."  The oath referred to indicates adherence to ethical standards, which invariably include practitioner/client confidentiality, truthfulness, and the striving to be an expert in one's calling, all three of these being practiced above all for the benefit of the client.

​Our Association has started the Toronto Roundtable.  Weekly meetings are presently being scheduled.   Check here for dates and location.

Our Association is developing benefits, Roundtables and Chapters.  

Watch for news about our Association on this website.  

Our Association is redeveloping theCertified Ethical Enterprise (CEE)Award.  Enterprises have already expressed interest in the CEE Awards.  Your enterprise has the opportunity to stand out as an ethical enterprise through the CEE Award. 

Our Association is working on an Accreditation program for tertiary-level educational facilities.