Professional CGE Designation…

The Association of Certified General Ethicists grants the professional CGE designation.

If you are interested in a career that has longevity, you should consider becoming a Certified General Ethicist and earning your CGE designation.

You must complete your Doctor of Applied Ethics (DAE) degree prior to earning your CGE designation.  You will be assigned a mentor (who is a CGE) to facilitate your training and education.  There are texts and quests to ensure that you should easily be able to earn your professional designation.  Your mentor and 2 sponsors are available to assist you with any potential problems.

You will learn to diagnose situations through use of case studies.  You will go through 3 stages of training that will prepare you for virtually any problem that you will be challenged with.

Your dissertation will be peer reviewed and must maintain standards worthy of being published.

Your tuition will be expensive, yet there are opportunities for earning while you are studying as well as scholarship training.

The CGE professional designation is granted by the Association of Certified General Ethicists.  The term “professional” derives from the Latin, “to swear (an oath).”  The oath referred to indicates adherence to ethical standards, which invariably include practitioner/client confidentiality and the striving to be an expert in one’s calling, all three of these being above all for the benefit of the client.

Benefits of using a CGE in your organization are:

  • Thorough evaluation of ethical standards, both internal and external
  • Harmonizing of ethical standards, taking into account input from clients
  • Conclusions are based upon verifiable objective criteria​

You can start to prepare for this profession at 18 years of age if you are a Rover Scout.  Credits will be given for Rover training considering the adherence to your experience as a Squire, Invested Rover, and Service Rover.

Educational background is based on having at least a Master’s degree with the evaluation based upon the report by the CGE Mentor assigned to you.  Credits may be granted based upon objective criteria by your mentor.  The mentor is there to assist you in preparing for your lifelong profession, as a CGE.

You must attend a tertiary-level educational institution that has accreditation from the Association of Certified General Ethicists.

As soon as your application is completed, send it to:

Association of Certified General Ethicists
c/o Dr. Brian Keen, CGE
The Ethics Institute
11027-105 Guildwood Parkway
Scarborough, Ontario
M1E 1P1

Your mentor will be assigned to you to recommend a tertiary-level educational institution that is accredited by CGE.