Although it is challenging to become a CGE, you will have continuous training and education for a successful professional career.  You will grow as you learn how to cope with challenges.  You will learn how to diagnose challenges and "cure" them ...


EEE Award

The Association of Certified General Ethicists grants the professional CGE designation. 

If you are interested in a career that has longevity, you should consider earning your CGE designation and becoming a Certified General Ethicist ...


   Here is your opportunity to earn a professional designation in ethics

The triple E (EEE) Award consists of: 

  • ethical excellence
  • environmental excellence
  • economic excellence  ...

CGETHE ONLY professional association for Ethicists

  • ​Are you interested in pursuing a career in the field of ethics? 

  • Do you think that ethics is based on a ‘philosophical viewpoint’?

  • Have you ever wondered how you can know whether the decisions you take are truly ethical or that problems can have a truly ethical resolution? 

CGE is a professional association for ethicists that bases ethics on scientific truth.  You too can have the opportunity to become a professional ethicist. 

You are invited to join CGE and have a fascinating and fulfilling career as a CGE.  Every day will be an exciting adventure, which starts when you begin our study programme!

The Doctor of Applied Ethics (DAE) program was developed by CGE to meet the needs of current and future professional ethicists.  This is the only doctoral program that our Association recognizes.

CGE accredits tertiary-level educational institutions to accept student Associate Members of CGE.